At NIFS various student assistance services are available.

“Anything That’s on Your Mind” Student Assistance Counter (Student Affairs Office)

The “Anything That’s on Your Mind” Student Assistance Counter helps students with all kinds problems you may encounter in your student life and with concerns and things that may be stressing you out (including mental health issues). That includes listening to your opinions about things you would like to see changed at the university. Rather than struggling with problems alone, feel free to ask for help to deal with them. We will work with you to try to find solutions.

Career Guidance Division

The purpose of the Career Guidance Division is to assist students with your career development and job search. The office provides an individualized advisory service, many kinds of information you may find helpful, and also conducts company information sessions and job hunt guidance seminars.

Health Service Center

Health Service Center doctors and nurses provide first aid for injuries and illnesses occurring on campus and counseling, suggestions, and guidance related to physical and mental health issues. They also provide regular health check-ups. If you feel you are having any unusual physical or mental symptoms which are causing you pain or distress, please visit the Center for Health Service to see if they can help.

The Center is open 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Friday (except during holidays and vacations, including yearend and the beginning of the new year).

International Student Tutoring Service System

A tutoring system is available in which Japanese students provide tutoring for international students new to the school. They can provide private tutoring to help you if, for example, you are having difficulty following a class or don’t understand things on a test. The service is available to all international students within 1year of coming to Japan  and all undergraduate international students during their first year enrolled at NIFS.