To come as a privately financed student

Take the entrance examination at the university.
Note the following details(Website written in Japanese) when you apply that

To come to as an international student on a Japanese Government scholarship

Begin by applying for a Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship. Scholarship applications should be submitted for screening at the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country of citizenship.

To come for one year as a “special auditing student” or a “special research student”

NIFS has international student exchange and partnership agreements in place with schools in a number of countries. Students and graduate students from partner universities can apply for a one-year international exchange on the recommendation of their school. Once your admission has been approved, you will be able to study at NIFS as a special auditing student or special research student.

Expenses that are required in order to enroll in NIFS are as follows.

・Entrance Fee:¥282,000
・tuition fee:¥535,800(per year)
・Living expenses, food expenses:About ¥45,000(per month)
・Housing costs:About ¥15,000(per month)※If you live in an apartment:About ¥30,000(per month)

Others, after admission to the university, there is a scholarship system and the tuition waiver system.
However, these plans will be used when the condition is met.

・Tuition waiver:in half or in full
・Scholarship:About ¥100,000

Please contact the following address If you have any questions about the entrance examination.
Admissions Office:nyushi※
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Please contact the following address If you have any questions about life in general.
International Exchange Section:kyoumu2※
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