These central facilities for education and research (8 stories with a steel frame and reinforced concrete) include faculty laboratories, laboratories, seminar rooms, etc.

Information Technology Center for Sports Sciences

The Information Technology Center for Sports Sciences are located on the fourth and sixth floors of the research building, and in addition to conducting education and research using information and communications technologies, work is being done to improve the sophistication of the university’s information processing while promoting collaboration with internal and external networks. Using the university’s high-speed LAN, various network services are also offered.

Information Processing Room I and Room II are for educating students about information processing, and a multimedia studio with an editing room has been installed for shooting and editing video, along with a studio equipped with a 3D motion analysis system.

Admissions Center

At the Admissions Center, in addition to conducting research concerning the student admissions and selection system overall, the center’s activities are also aimed at business related to the planning, publicity, and implementation of the admissions office entrance examination (AO entrance examination). The admissions office entrance examination (AO entrance examination) is based on the school’s admissions policy and is used to recruit students with highly competitive skillsets.