On the occasion of the school’s 30th anniversary, the NIFS GALLERY was opened on the second floor of the University Hall and the entrance area of The Graduate School of Physical Education building, as a sports culture gallery using materials and images related to the roles and achievements that our school’s education and research has played and continues to play in society today. In this way, we can share with the public our school’s continuing achievements.

Varied exhibits include panels introducing Olympians associated with our school, Olympic medals, uniforms, and materials, as well as panels showcasing our regional contributions, etc.

Main Exhibits

  • 【Gold Medal】
    Munich Olympics, 100 m breaststroke, on loan from Prof. Nobutaka Taguchi
  • 【Bronze Medal】
    Munich Olympics, 200 m breaststroke, on loan from Prof. Nobutaka Taguchi
  • 【Uniform】
    Beijing Olympics, Men’s Volleyball (worn by and on loan from Mr. Katsutoshi Tsumagari)

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
(Closed on weekends, national holidays, and during the New Year’s holiday season, except during special events.)


Academic Research, Library and Information Systems Office, Library Services Section

Shiromizu-cho 1, Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan 891 2393