The Center for Sports Training Research and Education provides facilities to promote the research and development of scientific training methods that correlate to the individual’s stages of physical growth and development. They include faculty rooms, a motor function measurement room, a sport technology clinic, a sports conditioning room, a sport counseling room, and so on.

Among the facilities is also a training environment simulator room where the oxygen concentration can be adjusted from a low oxygen environment (1,000 to 8,000 m) to a high oxygen environment (1.5x normal amounts), the temperature can be adjusted (-10°C to +40°C), and the humidity can be controlled (50 to 80%). Additionally, solar lamps have been installed inside to replace direct sunlight.

This allows for various experiments to test the effects of different environments on the body while exercising. For example, the room temperature and oxygen levels can be adjusted to resemble the summit of Mt. Fuji, and a person can exercise while also resting in that environment. This allows for so-called high-altitude training.