Information on viewing our facilities

Our university welcomes non-university students to see our various nationally recognized sporting equipment and facilities. If you would like to come to view our facilities, please apply as per the Application Guide below.

Permitted viewing timesMonday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm (closed on weekends, holidays and over the summer period; not including new year period)

Once we have received your application, a staff member will arrange a time and date with you.
Secondary school students and teachers, and those who are planning to take the entrance exam, will be attended to by the Admissions Section of the Educational Affairs Office, and are asked to contact this office in advance.
Please understand that lessons and exams mean we may not always be able to fulfill your requests regarding the facilities you wish to view.

Application Guide

Please provide the following information via telephone, FAX or E-mail.

  1. Reason for viewing
  2. Preferred time and date
  3. Details of those viewing (number of persons, age range, etc.)
  4. What you would like to view (which locations)
  5. Contact details
  • Application form( WORD )

Contact point



General Affairs Office General Affairs Section

Entrance exam students and secondary school teachers

Educational Affairs Office Admissions Section