The “Chokin” research project

* “Chokin” literally means to “save up muscle” by means of resistance training.
With consideration for the recent social issues of deteriorating physical strength and athletic ability among Japanese people, and the aim of increasing the health, fitness, and physical activity levels of both young and old alike, NIFS created the home-centered Chokin muscle training program and has been actively promoting it throughout Japan as the “Chokin for Everybody Research Project”. The project has been carried out through the cooperative efforts of cities in several prefectures within Kyushu, including those of Kagoshima Prefecture (Kanoya City, Shibushi City, Minamikyushu City, Tarumizu City, among others), Kumamoto Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture, and Oita Prefecture. Additionally, in cooperation with universities and institutions of other Asian countries, the project has been conducted as the “Collaborative Global Chokin Undou Research Project”. With some countries in Asia projected to experience an aging society even more rapidly than Japan, the project aims to assist these countries in addressing their inevitable dwindling birthrate and aging society.