“Olympians” refers to all athletes who have competed in the Olympics as representatives of any country.

Name NIFS affilation Sport Olympiad Event/Placement
(if placed)
MATSUDA Takeshi Withdrew at completion of doctoral program course work March 2017 Swimming 2004 Athens Men’s 400m freestyle/8th place
2008 Beijing Men’s 200m butterfly/bronze medal
2012 London Men’s 200m butterfly/bronze medal
Men’s 4×100m medley relay/silver medal
2016 Rio de Janeiro Men’s 4×200m freestyle relay/bronze medal
TSUMAGARI Katsutoshi Graduated March 1998 Volleyball 2008 Beijing Men’s volleyball/-
SHIBATA Ai Graduated March 2005
Completed master’s program March 2009
Swimming 2004 Athens Women’s 800m freestyle/gold medal
2008 Beijing Women’s 800m freestyle/-
TAKAKUWA Ken Graduated March 2007 Swimming 2008 Beijing Men’s 200m individual medley/5th place
2012 London Men’s 200m individual medley/-
TAKANABE Emi Graduated March 2008 Swimming 2008 Beijing Women’s 4×200m relay/7th place
HAGIWARA Mayuko Graduated March 2009 Cycling 2012 London Women’s road race/-
UCHIMA Kohei Graduated March 2011 Cycling 2016 Rio de Janeiro Men’s road race/-
MAEDA Kayono Graduated March 2013 Cycling 2012 London Women’s track cycling/-
TSUKAGOSHI Sakura Graduated March 2014
Completed master’s program March 2016
Cycling 2016 Rio de Janeiro Women’s omnium/-
Yoko Zetterlund Completed master’s program September 2011 Volleyball 1992 Barcelona Women’s volleyball (for the U.S.)/bronze medal
1996 Atlanta Women’s volleyball (for the U.S.)/7th place
TAGUCHI Nobutaka Honorary professor Swimming 1972 Munich 100m breaststroke/gold medal
200m breaststroke/bronze medal
1976 Montreal 100m breaststroke/-
200m breaststroke/-
400m medley relay/-
ONO Takashi Instructor, alumnus Gymnastics 1952 Helsinki Vault/Bronze medal
1956 Melbourne Horizontal bar/gold medal
Pommel horse/Silver medal
Individual all-around/Silver medal
Team all-around/Silver medal
Parallel bars/bronze medal
1960 Rome Horizontal bar/gold medal
Vault/gold medal
Team all-around/gold medal
Individual all-around/silver medal
1964 Tokyo Team all-around/gold medal
KITAGAWA Junichi Professor Gymnastics 1980 Moscow ※ After team selection Japan decided to boycott the Moscow Olympics
KAMIWAZUMI Jun Instructor, alumnus Tennis 1968 Mexico City ※ Demonstration sport entrant