Fundamental goals of NIFS

As the only national university in Japan specializing in sports, NIFS works through the mediums of sport and physical activity to cultivate capable individuals possessing creativity and vitality; characteristics essential to a healthy body and a balanced, harmonious mindset. The university works to contribute to the betterment of the nation’s health as a whole, the promotion of learning and culture in both sport and the physical sciences, and to the formation of a healthy, active society. NIFS has adopted the following fundamental goals for education, research, social contributions, and globalization, while continuing to work to increasingly gain the trust of society and to win acclaim as a university with a unique defining character.

[1] Educational goals

●Undergraduate Course
Through advanced education based on the latest research achievements in the fields of Sport, Health, and Budo, the School of Physical Education aims to foster socially-oriented physical education leaders possessing top-level expertise, strong leadership, and exemplary practical and technical skills. The university seeks to develop individuals who are capable of assuming active roles within Japan and the international community through the teaching of sports, health sciences, and budo.

●Graduate Course
The Graduate School of Physical Education aims to foster experts capable of developing and managing first-rate sport and physical activity programs appropriate to the needs of individuals, and those who are able to support top athletes through science-based leadership and effective training methods.

[2] Research goals

Drawing upon research achievements to date in the fields of Sport, Health, and Budo, NIFS aims to establish itself as a progressive research base for global sports innovation. In maximizing the technology and resources of its newly established Sports Performance Laboratory and looking ahead to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the university promotes practical research in the field of Sports Performance for the science-based support of students and top athletes. In addition, NIFS seeks to develop and establish a support system under which all faculty members can conduct interdisciplinary and comprehensive research.

[3] Social goals

NIFS widely shares the findings of its educational research, while operating as an open institution in offering the public opportunities for lifelong learning, access to educational research resources, and cooperation on a range of fronts. Furthermore, the university utilizes sport and physical activity to help promote continued advancements in the areas of Sport, Health, and Budo.

[4] Global goals

NIFS promotes comprehensive study in the fields of Olympic, Paralympic, Japanese Sport and Budo education. The university also endeavors to conduct leading research in Sports Performance, Sports Science, and Medicine. Through its ongoing efforts, NIFS seeks to establish itself as a global base for education and research where young researchers and athletic coaches from Asian and other countries can come to deepen their insights through exchanges with students and professors.